Baptism is an important step on your journey as you follow Jesus — it is an outward expression of your inward life with Christ.

The Bible describes baptism as a way to identify with Jesus in His own death, burial, and resurrection, which is why it's our standard practice to perform what has historically been called the believer’s baptism. This means that the baptism ceremony takes place after a believer has confessed and affirmed personal faith in Jesus Christ. When you accept Him as your personal Savior, your former way of life dies, and you begin a new life in Him. Baptism is a way to publicly identify yourself with Christ, as a follower who has been made alive through His saving grace.

Taking the plunge

Once you let us know you're ready, someone from our ministry team will reach out to you to begin the process and walk you through the next steps. We're so excited to hear about how Jesus has changed your life!